Poděbradská 52

  • Karel Slavíček
    Karel Slavíček

    Business Manager

    The “Poděbradská 52” project aims to bring life and a new housing trend into to the industrial part of Prague. “The ever-growing need for housing in this part of Prague has brought us from the “Bydlení na Krejcárku” (Housing at Krejcárek) project here, to the place of a former factory. “, Ing. Jan Horčička, the Chairman of the Board of the developer company EDIFICE Poděbradská, evaluates the progress.  “It is true that the previous project, “Bydlení na Krejcárku” (Housing at Krejcárek), has taught us a lot, so we will be happy to transfer the knowledge from such a successful project to reality also this time.”

    The project will include not only small-sized housing, but also flats that will bring modern style of living and also contentment and relaxation on balconies or gardens.

    “We know that today people no longer decide just based on the price, but they are willing to pay extra for their comfort and space for relaxation. That is one of the reasons why we have decided to build a unique common covered terrace with greenery and a grill on the roof of the house, where everyone will find their place, ”adds the business director of the project, Karel Slavíček.



Park hloubětín (1.5km)

Bazén Hloubětín (1.8km)

Fitness louka Rokytka (650m)

Harfa (1.3km)

Fénix (2.7km)

Billa (100m)

U Elektry (100m)

Hloubětín (1.4km)

Poděbradská 52

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