How do I know the flat is available?

You can always see the current status of the flat in the reservation system (link to the reservation system) i.e., available, tentatively reserved, reserved, or sold. In any case, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues – salespeople, who will help you choose the best flat and provide you with up-to-date information.

Do I conclude the purchase contract immediately?

After contacting our sales person, you can make a non-binding reservation of your unit for 3 days. Subsequently, the reservation contract is signed, on the basis of which the reservation fee of CZK 50,000 or CZK 150,000 + VAT (in case of the flat price up to CZK 3,000,000 and above CZK 3,000,000 respectively) becomes payable. After the owner’s statement is entered, you will conclude a future contract and within 10 days after signing it, you will pay a second deposit of 15% of the purchase price of the flat. Prior the expiration of the future contract, you will conclude your purchase contract.

How much time do I have to decide?

If you make your reservation of the flat online, one of our sales persons will contact you within the next 24 hours and discuss all the details with you. If you have already concluded a reservation contract, the reservation period of 14 days, in which you have to pay your reservation fee, has already started.

How much time do I have to obtain the documents necessary for getting a mortgage?

It is optimal to have the financing settled before signing the Future Purchase Contract it is necessary before signing the Purchase Contract.

Can you provide me with your help or advice regarding the mortgage?

Yes, we have chosen a really strong partner, HYPOASISTENT, for our project, which provides mortgage services. Our colleagues, brokers are at your disposal

How is the money I deposit to the safekeeping protected?

It is not possible to unilaterally withdraw the money from the safekeeping, either by the buyer or by the seller or by another person. If for any reason the transfer could not be completed, the buyer may be refunded the amount in accordance with the arrangements.

Can I see my flat anywhere?

At this time, you can see the flat in the visualizations. Alternatively, you can leave your contact information with us  and we will let you know whenever a sample flat is ready.

Is there any sales spot I can visit?

Yes, we have opened a sales point for you, directly in the centre of Prague, in the “Černá růže” (Black Rose) passage, where we will be happy to welcome you

How can I contact the sales person?

The best way is to contact us over the phone or to leave us a message

Are parking spots and cellars available with the flat?

Yes, you can look at the list of flats to see which flat comes with a cellar, which comes with a garage, and which comes e.g. with a front garden.

What equipment is there in the flat?

You will find details of the standard equipment of the flat HERE

Can I change the standards of the flat equipment?

When are the flats going to start to be built and when can I move in?

The construction works on the units and administrative areas are going to start in the last quarter of 2019 and approval of these first units is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.


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